Saturday, 15 March 2014

The two sides

I was coming back from Belgaum attending a marriage. Every one of us, accompanying me, were tired so nobody was speaking. I was getting bored, just then I remembered that one of my friend had asked me to write about NATURE in my blog.

I started to think about what to write. Just then awesome lightning struck followed by a horrible thunder which, I felt, shook the bus. That moment was quite ironic- When I chose to think about nature- picture of a lush green meadow, water-falls resembling huge gallons of milk, tropical mountains covered with dense forest came to my mind but what I really saw was nature at its best devastating best!!

The climate just before it rains is the most romantic climates of all but if nature decides to precipitate heavily, it can put human lives at stake. It can cause floods and wash away key features of nature too.
Note: Nature devastating itself

On a nice weekend evening we all want to sit in our balcony and enjoy the wind gushing at us with a hot cup of coffee. The same wind can come in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes to destroy our weekday's commitments too. It can leave life quite exasperating. The winds can rip off the natural resources in a jiffy!!

Some of you might feel by now that I have written too much anti- nature quite pessimistically.
Actually, I am trying to understand what we can learn from nature, probably learn something that it wants to preach.

Anything which is pleasant can be dangerously uncomfortable if not kept in limit. We all earn money, we spend it lavishly. We are greedy to earn some more money and spend more lavishly. Spending what we earn is perfectly okay. But trying to earn something which we do not deserve is not acceptable.As it happens with nature, the greed will destroy our own self. The bottom line is- We should know our limits!!