Thursday, 26 January 2012

Finding your Calling

            I believe that we live for a reason. A reason defined, designed, designated by the GOD or any eternal force or by ourselves. It is happening to me, might have happened to many of us that we spend years to find that "reason". To say more fashionably, we will be in search for our "calling".

          GOD or the Universe helps us in finding our calling in one or the other way. It is our duty to catch the signals or the so called "omens". A person is always being guided by these omens. One who catches them and proceeds with them, leads a successful life.

         As I understand it, there is always an exchange of energy between us and the Universe. When we think something positive we emanate positive energy to the Universe. And as the law says the Universe responds back by giving out the energy in the same form around us.

        Hence, as long as we stay positive the Universe helps us, through the omens, to find our calling - no matter what stage of life we are in. I guess the one who dies unsatisfied never caught the omens or never got enough of them.

        I believe, as long as you stay positive about your calling or for that matter anything, the Universe will help you get it as soon as possible.