Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Realm of Negativity

The newspapers, the news channels, the tabloids, the magazines and last but not the least- the human psyche have become a realm of negativity. Remember, the T- Bag of Prison Break mentioning about the Captivity of negativity- Well!! That's what I see now in the real world now.

Politically, if I see it, the government is a werewolf whereas the opposition is toothless tiger. Let alone the expectation of positivity from that arena. The news being thrown at us 24x7 have the news of all the bad things happening in this world. Human psyche has transformed and began to like this interference of negativity. It has become quite natural that we lean our attention to stuff that is negative, bad or gruesome.

Well! Good or bad is always relative. If we feel something is bad than it means we know what is good and indeed good exists! Mass do not want to see good and media, in a race to earn more money and survive, do not show good.

How does this system affect the country?
Well! Imagine a kid growing into a juvenile in this kind of environ- listening about the corrupt government, inefficient opposition, characterless society. This will manifest a very bad image of the country which is not so bad rather. Such youths will never loose any opportunity to leave this country behind, probably forever. So, we loose our own assets to somebody else.

Does that mean we should never see or show the bad aspects of the society?
Weight-age should differ. Positivity should have a major share. Letting the common people to take decisions about bad or good is novel idea. Youth should be mad to feel that it is not so bad to dwell here. After all, it is not so bad to be here!!