Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Religionism, Regionalism, the Intolerance

        Recently we all woke up with a shocker of a news. Six worshipers were gunned down in the premises of Wisconsin Gurudwara in Oak Creek. Initial investigations points to the hate crime, which has become increasingly dangerous lately. The accused proclaimed himself to be an Aryan and was seen close to a white supremacist group.

       While Obama govt has to re-look into their gun policy, as it has become, lately, very easy to access guns in USA. As a Bollywood movie points out that of late everybody wants a gun- from chaprasi to a politician- as anger is seeping in everybody and one loves to see others in misery. The other question that the incident showcases is more severe and relevant to us also. The question about how tolerant are we towards other religions, to other regions, to multiculturalism.

      The intolerance is slowly but surely making its way into the minds of, intellectually weak, people. Examples were shown by - Anders Behring Breivik by bombing and killing people in Norway, ethnic clashes in England a year ago shook the entire world. These people who feel that they are superior to the others just because they belong to a different race, religion or for that matter country shows the level of sickness engulfed to their mind, to their thinking ability.

       These people are proud of something which they have not earned. I am Hindu because I was born, which happens in a natural way, in a Hindu family. An Aryan is an Aryan because his ancestors belonged to that race. In a global society- race, culture, region, religion- do not have significance. These things have been ancestral and will be for ages down the line. At the end of the day we are humans and we should act like one. No religion, region, race are superior from the other. All have their own significance. Violence in the name of these is cowardice. It does not bring peace to the executor or the executed or the survivors.

Lets hope for a peaceful world.

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